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 Paddy’s Story


Paddy was near death, on the road to the graveyard is how he described himself, from drinking more than his body could take. 

Then he found Turas.

When he came to Turas he had already tried residential twice and couldn’t stick at it.

Paddy attended our community alcohol detox where he got daily intensive support from our nurse to curb cravings and triggers and understand what was happening to him.  He also attended counselling and when he became sober he attended our group programme. 

He said the help and support he got in Turas was ‘amazing’.

He now feels like he is living his life, dealing with the issues he had and has a whole new perspective.

He believes life is about the simple things that mean so much and realises how little he needs to be happy.

“Turas took me out of a dark whole and let me see the light again. Thank you Turas!”